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Ypsilanti Pet Diagnostics

ypsilanti pet diagnosticsPet X-rays

Ypsilanti Animal Clinic provides pet xrays and diagnostics for pets in the Ypsilanti, Canton, Belleville, and Ann Arbor area. Our state of the art veterinary x-ray machine allows us to take radiographs of your pet in order to help diagnose and treat many medical conditions. X-rays are very useful for diagnosing medical problems. They can provide the veterinary staff with a picture of your pet's problem.

If your veterinarian feels a lump in your pet's abdomen, an x-ray can determine where the mass is located. X-rays can very often pinpoint the organ where the problem is occurring. A foreign object in the stomach is often easily seen in an x-ray. If your pet is vomiting and an x-ray reveals irregular gas patterns and bunching of the small intestine, this could mean that your pet has eaten string or some other detrimental foreign object.

Heartworm Testing

Heartworm disease is a major concern for pets in the Ypsilanti area of Michigan. This mosquito-borne disease is potentially fatal to your pet and can be very costly to treat. Fortunately, heartworm disease can easily be prevented by administering a once-a-month monthly medication. By providing affordable heartworm testing services and preventative medication, we stress the importance of having your pet tested annually to help keep your dog or cat healthy and heartworm free.

Veterinary Laboratory On-Site

With the latest equipment, our veterinary staff has access to a full and complete diagnostic laboratory. Results are delivered quickly and accurately, allowing for an effective analysis of your pet's blood or urine. Urine testing, blood testing and fecal parasite testing are routinely conducted and are often required for a complete and accurate diagnosis.